NBVA Winter Mixed Results

The start of the 2020 season began with the NBVA Winter Mixed Tournament on 29-30 August 2020

NBVA had an awesome weekend of beach volleyball , kicking off with 36 teams on Saturday for the AAA/AA/A division and 16 teams in the BBB/BB division.

Tournament favourites in the AAA division Beccharra Palmer and Sam Halley lost a set earlier in the pool play 21-23 to Sarah Richter & Julien Pinchon but bounced back in the semi-final beating them 21-15.  They went on to win the Final against Ivana Vukasovic and Abubarr Kumara 15-11 and 15-7.

In the AA division, Jesse Mann and Joshua Hillard finished 3rd in their pool, then played strong all the way to the final taking out a win against Codie-Jay Spencer and Joshua Lawes 25-23 in the semi-final.  The Final was a 3 set thriller with Jesse and Joshua winning over  Makayla Teichroeb and Gregor Salvin 15-21, 21-16 and 15-11.

In the A division, Rik Blokhui and Kim de Witte over came the junior team of Amy le Blang and Harley Sinclair 22-24, 22-20 and 15-10.


AAA/AA/A Division Results – Saturday 29 August 2020

AAA Division (12 team)

1st Becchara Palmer / Sam Halley
2nd Ivana Vukasovic / Abubarr Kamara
3rd= Sarah Richter / Julien Pinchon
3rd= Nicolette Brice / Marcelo Haag
5th= Agata Kurczynska / Mateusz Zieba
5th= Michaela Mokrohajska / Radim Mokrohajsky
5th= Stefanie Fejes / Kiefer Sinclair
5th= Lisa-Marie Moegle / Nate Barke
9th= Katie Bartoli / Luke Carroll
9th= Marie Nguyen / Frane Vukasovic

AA Division (12 team)

1st Jesse Mann / Joshua Hillard
2nd Makayla Teichroeb / Gregor Salvin
3rd= Codie-Jay Spencer / Joshua Lawes
3rd= Vladislava Puseljic / Jordi Cayuelas
5th= Liz Green / Zack Plant
5th= Daria di Filippo / Ayman Chalak
5th= Marina Dalesio / Arash Salehi
5th= Erica Schultz / Ryan Caudle
9th= Licia Ravaglia / Lorenzo Tocco
9th= Rachael Dodwell / Igor Neumann
11th= Katerina Spickova / Peter Trebula
11th= Camila Moro / Tomas Andersen

A Division (12 team)

1st Rik Blokhuis / Kim de Witte
2nd Amy le Blang Harley Sinclair
3rd= Elsie Wang / Ferdinand Tonscheidt
3rd= Angela Lopez / Alistair Leathwood
5th= Mulham Kasem / Bahar Poorahrab
5th= Johana Martinkova / Mario Drugac
5th= Carolina Pheysey / Julien Phipps
5th= Clara Rigotti / Kirill Frolov
9th= Oksana Gladchenko / Denis Gertcog
9th= Rosalind Skinner / Ciaran Mulkeen
11th= Cecille Cura / Daniel Constable
11th= Mido Saad / Diana Sanchez Espinoza

BBB/BB Division Results – Sunday 30 August 2020

BBB Division (10 team)

1st Rita Caldas / Tiago Alves
2nd Zoe Baker / Paul Peters
3rd= Alasdair Russell / Lucy Holloway
3rd= James Baird / Kacy Pugh
5th= Marco Tebaldi / Marielle Bouwman
5th= Barbora Sklenarova / Babak Bolourchi
5th= Eduardo Picado / Adria Figueira Dias
5th= Aidan Morrison / Constance Ha
9th Maria Sanchez Navarrete / Juan Carlos diaz Cuevas
10th Heather Shribman / Phil White

BB Division (6 team)

1st Andrew Alexander / Hailey Davidson
2nd Emma Laing / Tom Mason
3rd= David Brady /Agnieszka Moskal
3rd= Alexandre Cayuela Jimenez / Lauren Hill
5th Mario Lopez / Natasha Cebalo
6th Chelsea Walsh / Dane Lance