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Where are we

The NBVA is based in Manly, the hub of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world

The club has 8 permanent courts on which we run beach volleyball competitions for all levels, from social to elite. Whenever there are no events on the courts they are available to the public on a winner-holds-court, challenge basis – check here here for the court usage guidelines. The NBVA courts are situated on Manly Beach, opposite the Manly Pacific Hotel.

These courts are fully owned and maintained by NBVA under arrangements with Northern Beaches Council and Manly SLC with whom we enjoy long and close relationships.

NBVA will always call Manly Beach ‘home’, however, it is also looking at establishing permanent beach volleyball courts at other venues along the Northern Beaches. With the support of its members and the Council, the NBVA hopes to be able to provide more facilities and bring beach volleyball to even more people.

Who are we

‘Run by the players, for the players’

This simple philosophy has allowed the club to grow over the last 30 years to become a widely recognised part of the Sydney landscape.

Mariëlle Bouwman
Roger Jones
Nigel Lamont
Emma Laing

The NBVA is more than a beach volleyball club, it is a beach volleyball community. Players from all over the world, from beginners to Olympic medalists, come each summer to join the locals, play at their level and be part of the crew.

The NBVA is the home of Australian beach volleyball.

NBVA is affiliated with Volleyball NSW (VNSW) and the Volleyball Australia (VA) and we currently have more than 400 members as well as visitors from all over the world.

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