NBVA #5 Results

NBVA #5 was held on Saturday 9 February with 74 team’s and a showing of some new, past season players and youngsters battling it on Manly Beach. All previous tournament winners from NBVA #4 also contended the top players in the higher divisions. The qualifying round proved another popular option to make it into the main draw with 10 …

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NBVA #4 Results

The first tournament of 2019 – NBVA #4 was held on Saturday 12 January and saw another record high of 77 teams and 154 players registered.  The qualifying round has provided an interim chance for players to make it into the main draw. It was a sunny morning start for the first games then a …

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NBVA #3 Results

NBVA #3 saw the new qualifying round introduced to accommodate all teams a chance to compete in the main draw held on Saturday 1 December 2018. With 70 teams and 140 players (an NBVA record high) on the first day of the summer on Manly Beach we saw some hot new international faces and the usual …

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