Committee Structure

The purpose of the NBVA committee is to manage the affairs and interests of the club. The committee comprises of the Founding Member, the office-bearers and committee members elected at the annual general meeting by a vote by its members.

The office-bearers of NBVA are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Founding Member
  • two Ordinary Members
NBVA – Committee / Volunteers / People Involved

Here you find all the people that are involved in the Northern Beaches Volleyball Association.  They all are volunteers who just love the sport, want to grow the sport and enjoy a good social environment at the beach.  Thanks guys!


President – Andrew Alexander

  • Generate internal structure and coordinate Executive Committee
  • Maintain external contacts
  • Position NBVA and generate growth strategy
  • Overlook political issues
  • Coordinate committee / keep track of ongoing tasks
  • Contact to Council, State Volleyball and other affiliate organisations
  • Spot Opportunities of financial income for NBVA
  • Preside at all general and Committee meetings

Vice-President – Roger Jones (Junior Development Program)

  • Develop structure for Junior training and development
  • Manage the NBVA Junior Squad
  • Coordinate support activities of juniors, league or tourneys
  • Evaluate opportunities for junior development
  • Coordinate regular referee coaching sessions when required

Treasurer – Katrin Weidinger

  • Develop budget for NBVA in cooperation with committee
  • Oversee income & expenditure
  • Monitor banking
  • Produce AGM financial reports

Secretary – Rachael Sue Ragland

  • Arrange Committee meetings, set agenda, keep minutes and records
  • Answer general inquires
  • Ensure adherence with the NBVA Constitution
  • Role of Public Officer
  • Coordinate between NBVA, Beach Volleyball School and Volleyball NSW
  • Coordinate corporate events on request

Founding Member – Carl Graham

  • Founding Member of NBVA
  • On the committee since 1989

Marketing – Mariëlle Bouwman (Ordinary Member)

  • Develop innovative ways to market NBVA, campaigns, and initiatives
  • Provide feedback on marketing strategies and tools, including communication plans, materials, media strategy and social media
  • Engage in conversations to help improve NBVA’s marketing efforts

Competitions – Nigel Lamont (Ordinary Member)

  • Coordinate monthly tournaments and events
  • Coordinate tournament prizes
  • Coordinate Newsletters and Website updates in relation to tournaments and events

Other Sub-Committee Members

Competitions – Nate Barke

Operations – Kane Booker

  • Maintenance of NBVA equipment
  • Oversee tournament set-up and pack-ups

Social Events – Rachael Sue Ragland

Social Media – Laura Enixon

  • Plan and implement a social media strategy in order to increase brand awareness and improve marketing efforts for NBVA with Marketing personnel
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring NBVA’s social media strategy
  • Coordinate Facebook, Instagram and Website updates

Sponsorship –

Technology – Allen Amos-Binks and Nate Barke