Please check this site prior to the first tourney of the season to ensure you have the latest information at hand.

Registration deadline is Wednesday 12pm for tournaments.  Generally, tournament registration will open one week before tournament day.

All players must pre-register online through our registration form.

Tournament Payment (All Divisions)

After registering players must pay online before the registration deadline. Payment can be made using this link 

Teams with non-paid players will not gain entry to the competition.

Prices are as follows:

  • Full Member – $20
  • Casual – $30 (plus $20 Single Event (bronze) Membership paid to State Volleyball NSW)
  • Affilliate – $30
  • U19/U13 Full Member – $10
  • U19/U13 Affiliate – $20
  • U19/U13 Casual – $20 (plus $20 Single Event (bronze) Membership paid to State Volleyball NSW)

In addition to tournament fees, players must pay NBVA Membership fees.

One Day Events

Mixed, 4V4 and other special events will normally run on 1 day.

Two Day Events

NBVA Tournaments will be run usually over 2 consecutive days.

e.g. AAA, AA and A Divisions will generally be run on the Saturday
and BBB, BB and B Divisions will be run on the Sunday

When you register and once the seedling list is completed (by Friday) you will receive an email that indicates what day you are playing on.

If you are unsure what days the tournaments are run on, check which lists the dates of the tournament.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you know what day you are playing on. There will be no refunds issued for getting the day wrong.

If maximum team registration is reached or if there is a tie in team seeding points priority will go to NBVA member teams, over Affiliated members and Casuals at the time of registration/event payment deadline.

Sign In

Both players of all pre-registered pairs must have signed in before 7.45am.


7.30am – Sign in opens 
7.45am – Sign in closes
8:00am – Player meeting
8.15am – First matches start on all courts

By 4pm – Grand Final of all divisions (sooner if possible)
By 5pm – All players help clear court area

After the AAA/AA/A finals on Saturday, everyone heads to Havana Beach for the post tournament thirst-quencher and a bit of a catch up with the other players. Presentations for BBB/BB/B levels will be on the beach on Sunday.

Warm Up

  • With the exception of the first match at 8:15am, peppering and general warm up must take place off the match court.
  • Teams will be allowed 5 minutes spiking/serving warm up on their court, make sure you are aware of when you next game is and have warmed up in advance somewhere off the court.
  • Players are expected to monitor the progress of their draw/division/court and be ready to play as soon as the previous match comes off court.
  • Any teams who are not ready to play within 5 minutes of being called will forfeit that match, with the other team going through as a clean set win to zero points.
  • The only exception will be if a team has been reffing immediately prior to their game, in which case a 10 minute warm up will be allowed on court.


The following divisions will be offered.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to combine divisions if there are insufficient numbers.

  • Men AAA (8 teams)
  • Men AA (8 teams)
  • Men A (8 teams)
  • Men BBB (8 teams)
  • Men BB (8 teams – with an exception to be modified)
  • Men B (8 teams – with an exception to be modified)
  • Women AAA (8 teams)
  • Women AA (8 teams)
  • Women A (8 teams)
  • Women BBB (8 teams)
  • Women BB (8 teams – with an exception to be modified)
  • Women B (8 teams – with an exception to be modified)

Where AAA Division is considered the higher standard than AA and A Division.

Draw Format

AAA, AA and A divisions will have 8 teams each and play Modified Pool Play format.

BBB, BB and B divisions will have 8 teams each and play a Single Set Round Robin, Single Set Quarters, 3 Set Semi-Finals and Final

AAA, AA and A Men’s and Women’s Division: 8 teams required
BBB, BB and B Men’s and Women’s Division up to 8 teams each

AAA Uniforms

Along with the announcement of our new major sponsors teams who compete in the AAA division must compete in matching uniforms.

In the instance of extreme (cold or heat), compression or other garments (Skins, etc) may be worn by the team after approval by the Tournament Director.

Caps and visors, arm and wrist bands and sand socks are not considered part of the official team uniform and my be different within the team.


  • Matching bikini tops (purchased via NBVA)
  • Matching bikini bottoms, bike shorts and board shorts


  • Matching singlet top (purchased via NBVA)
  • Bare chests are NOT permitted
  • Matching board shorts


The scoring format will be confirmed at the Player Meeting on the morning of the tournament once entries are finalised.


  • In the absence of qualified officials, teams will be expected to referee.
  • In pool play, the officiating team will be pre-allocated according to the roster.
  • In double elimination, the losing team will officiate the next game on that court.
  • Teams that leave before finishing a duty at a tournament and do not check with the Tournament Director before leaving, will be penalised and receive a last place finish for that event.

NBVA Player Responsibility

  • The NBVA is responsible for running the tournament according to the schedule and to the best of our ability using the resources available.
  • We ask for the cooperation of the players to ensure this can happen, and we can then commence presentation ceremonies and pub festivities.
  • Please monitor your court/draw
  • Help us find/tell players if they need to do duty or are required on court.
  • Please warm up off court before your match time so you are ready to start as soon as the previous match finishes.
NBVA Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found by clicking the link.