Code of Photography

Recording the sport of beach volleyball is not only a wonderful way to capture the beauty of our sport but it also helps to promote it more widely and showcases those that participate.

The Northern Beach Volleyball Association (NBVA) has established a Code of Photography that defines some ethical standards aimed at respecting players’ privacy and dignity whilst providing guidance to photographers for what images of beach volleyball it considers appropriate for publication on social media sites and for public or media release. We ask that any photographer attending an NBVA event to take images voluntarily or with the authority of the NBVA adhere to these guidelines:


  • Shots of players, referees, officials and courtside staff clearly engaged in actions related to beach volleyball, for example and not limited to:
  • Serving, receiving, signaling, blocking, digging, spiking, passing, setting, peppering, diving
  • Celebrations of points won/lost, team shots, prize giving, registration
  • Audience shots

Not acceptable

  • Images of players’ anatomy – except of the face – in any pose that may be deemed unrelated to beach volleyball or that could be considered personal, offensive and/or an invasion of a person’s privacy

If any photographer is unsure of whether certain images may not be acceptable then the NBVA asks to be contacted for clarification prior to any general release of those images.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.