Manly Court Usage Guidelines

NBVA Court Rules

Guidelines for use of Manly Beach Volleyball Courts
  • These courts are provided free of charge for the general public.
  • If there is an empty court, you may just go on and play.
  • Once all courts are full, if you wish to play you either need to wait for a court to become empty, or else challenge a court.
  • No organised events or commercial services without prior arrangement with NBVA.
  • No foot volley.
To Challenge a Court
  • Look at the games on all courts to see which is closest to your standard of play then place an item (e.g. shoe or bottle) at the post on that court (usually the post closest to the wall).
  • If there are other items there, yours should go at the back of the line.
  • General format is one set to 21 points changing ends every 7 points.
  • The winner stays on and the next team with an item in line will play the winner of the previous game.
  • If you get less than 12 points in a set, the court you are playing on may be too strong for you and you should consider looking for another court to play.
  • Note: You cannot challenge two courts at a time.  You also cannot challenge on one court and play on another court in the meantime.
Consider Other Users
  • These courts are here for everyone – from beginners to professional athletes.
  • If there is a free court and teams are playing/training on other courts, they do not have to accept a challenge.  If there is no free court the teams playing/training need to accept challenges.  They have 20 minutes to wrap up there game/training before taking on the challenge.
  • However once all courts become full, all courts should be ready to accept challenges.  For the enjoyment of everyone, please make sure you are challenging a court that is an appropriate level.
  • Players with training schedules are encouraged to use the courts at less busy times where possible.
Local tournaments are organised once a month through the summer.
NBVA League

Social Leagues (pairs and 4s) are organised through spring, summer and winter on Saturday afternoons.  Contact  These tournaments take preference over public usage on the courts they require.

If you have comments or feedback about the Manly Beach Volleyball Courts, contact us.