NBVA & Volleyball NSW 2021-2022 Membership

NBVA is now using the newVolleyball New South Wales – VNSW revolutioniseSPORT platform for 2021-2022 memberships.

Click this link (https://revolutionise.com.au/nbva/registration/) to register your Volleyball NSW Membership and NBVA Membership (in one payment) via the revolutioniseSPORT platform.

This means all New and Existing members must register in the new revolutioniseSPORT platform if you want to participate in NBVA events and trainings from 1st April 2021.

The term of your individual membership begins on 1st April each year and expires on 31st March the following year.

Players still have the option to participate in our NBVA events as an Affiliate or Single Event Membership (one off event coverage), however still need to have a Volleyball NSW membership.

For further instructions please go to: https://nbva.org.au/membership/