Training Schedule 2021/2022

Training Schedule for 2021/2022

The senior NBVA Training Squads have developed into coach selected, tiered training levels running for 4-8 week blocks. There will be three levels available to both men and women with squads of 8* players for each block. Please see below Training Schedule for the 2021/2022 Season. 

The purpose of these groups is for competition-level training, and hence your selection will be based on performance. Players will only be permitted to participate in a single training level to sustain the Progression Pathway.

How do I sign up for Squads?

If you participated in the final block of the 2020/21 season (finished in March 2021) and wish to enter Block 1 of the Winter Squads of the 2021/22 NBVA Training Squad Season, please complete the expression of interest (EOI) survey (also combined with feedback for the prior block) accessible via this link:

If you wish to join NBVA Squads AND have not participated in previous season’s squads, please complete this EOI survey:

Your entry to the squads will be considered based on your NBVA/VNSW Tour results and you will be given an opportunity to join a session likely to be your level. Should that prove the right level for you, you will be named as a Jumper for that squad and the squads below that level to give you the greatest access to NBVA training.

To secure a squad position, you will need to be selected during the trial period for the NBVA training squads. Please see the calendar for the next trial date.


What is a Jumper?

The term “Jumper” means that you can fill in for a squad member if they can’t make it but if the squad is full, there will not be a training space for you for that session. Our summer squad participation rates suggest that it’s likely that there will be more than one “Jumper” space for most sessions.

Will there be trials for the Winter Squads?

There will be no tryouts for Winter Squads of the 2021/22 season. If you participated in the previous blocks, you will be able to continue with your previous squad, with exception of players to be upgraded at the discretion of the coaches committee.

Are these the final dates?

The dates listed on this page are at this stage a guide and have not yet been finalised and must be confirmed closer to the beginning of the event. Should it become apparent, an event date may be changed if necessary.

In case of any questions, please shoot us a message