Player Ranking

2020-2021 NBVA Championship Points Tables

  • The NBVA Series 2020-2021 runs from September 2020 to March 2021.
  • The team seeding of NBVA tournaments is based on the average of the players’ individual seeding scores.
  • The individual seeding score is the player’s average ranking points from their last 3 results within the 13 months preceding the current event date (current seeding period).
  • If a player has less than 3 results in this period, their score will be derated by 10%.
  • If a player has no results in this period, then the same evaluation will be done for up to 2 prior seeding periods until a valid result is found. The prior seeding periods are the periods between 12 and 25 months, then 24 and 37 months prior to the current event date.
  • When points are used from one of these prior periods, a further 15% derating of the seeding score will be incurred.
  • If no results are found within the seeding periods, a player will have a seeding score of zero.
  • If a player with no seeding score partners up with a player with a seeding score – a team average will be calculated using half points for player with none.
  • The winner of A will get a spot in AA and the winner of AA will get a spot in AAA for the next tournament (only if the two players play together again in the next event).
  • If the tournament is oversubscribed members will have priority over non-members.
  • The Championship will be decided by counting points from all the NBVA tournaments of the 2020-2021 season.  Note: points from the NBVA Championships are worth 1.5 x points
  • Mixed tournament results do not count towards any individual seeding score or points for the Championship.
  • Wild cards may be awarded under discretion of the NBVA committee.  Wild card entry teams can send an email to including details supporting their request by providing tournament results and career highlights by Wednesday (12pm) before a tournament.

NSW Beach Volleyball Tour

  • The NSW Beach Volleyball Tour is the highest level of beach volleyball in the state, providing a competitive environment for NSW’s elite and developing athletes. Hosted by Volleyball NSW in conjunction with our affiliates. they aim to deliver an exciting event for all players and spectators alike.
  • For Season 2020/21 we are please to announce Volleyball NSW is linked up with NBVA, will all of our events to be sanctioned by Volleyball Australia to recognised results of athletes in every division.  This is part of a bigger vision to ensure NSW athletes are recognised on a National stage and offers equal opporutnity compared to interstate athletes.
  • The Manly Beach Open (19-21 February 2021) will be run in conjunction with Volleyball Australia and tournament seeding and format will be announced closer to the date.
  • The NSW State Championship (27-28 March 2020) will be decided by counting points from all state tour events.
  • Further information can be found at

2019-2021 Points schemes NBVA

3rd equal36018090452311
5th equal2751386934179
7th equal190954824126

2020-21 ABVRS Points Table (click link)


2018-2019 Points schemes NBVA

3rd equal38319196
5th equal29814974
7th equal21310653
9th equal  37
13th equal  27

Adjusted Ranking Points 2015-2018 NBVA

3 equal383149
5 equal298125
7 equal25096
9 equal19174
13 equal 63
17 equal 48
25 equal 37

2017-2018  Points schemes NBVA & State Tours