Summer Mixed Social League

Announcing NBVA Summer 2022 Mixed Social League!!!!

The league will run for 8 weeks starting the week of the 7th of February.

Format and schedule will be finalized once registration has closed, but teams will play on either Monday or Thursday night, with games starting as early as 5:30pm. Each team will play two matches per week for seven weeks, with playoffs taking place during week 8. Given the Covid situation, if you’re partner is unable to play, you will be able to replace them with a temporary partner for the week.

We are really excited about this and anticipate the league to be fun, competitive and a great way to get to know others in the NBVA. We are working to try and find some food and beverage sponsors for the nights and will likely gather post matches at a pub for drinks. We don’t have all the answers around divisions, days, or time slots currently due to not knowing the demand, but we will be doing our best to create divisions of competitive teams for everyone to have some fun. Divisions may deviate from NBVA points and we will work with teams to try and make the league fun for everyone.

Big thank you and shout out to Rachael Ragland and Nate Barke for making this happen!

We can accommodate 36 teams, so please register early to secure your spot.

Cost – $240 per team. We will be closing the rego as soon as we have filled 36 spots, or February 3rd.

(Please Ignore the “Mixed E/F” notation- we will be creating divisions post registration)

Registration is now open!