NBVA host 3 Social League Competitions annually, commencing September (‘Spring’), January (‘Summer’) & June (‘Winter’).

Our Social Leagues are ‘fun’ competitions that are ideally suited for beginner to intermediate level players wanting to learn or improve their beach volleyball skills in a friendly competitive environment.

Our competitions are open to all ages and mixed gender teams are welcomed.  Leagues are scheduled mostly on Saturday afternoons with our New League Format offering a minimum of 4 competition rounds played every second weekend, or up to 8 rounds of competition (played most weekends), followed by finals.

Please check the League Calendar for current registration and competition dates.

Social League Facebook Group

For all our social league players or players interested in joining the social league in the future we just created a group to keep you up to date with what’s happening.

Membership & Registration

Only NBVA members who also hold a ‘Gold’ (Program) level Membership with State Volleyball NSW (SVNSW) are eligible to register for entry into NBVA Social Leagues.

Our Social League registration days are held at Manly Beach prior to the start of each competition, where players may ask questions and get help to complete our online Membership and pay for their League Season Payment.

Alternatively you may also register by emailing league@nbva.org.au and we can send you payment details before you start to play.

Email registrations must include:

  1. Full player/member names
  2. Contact phone number for each player
  3. Team Name
  4. A copy of your online receipt for payment of membership/team entry fees

We are also happy to accept individual membership registrations and will do our best to help arrange a team for you.

Registration deadline is one week prior to the start of competition, however, we will usually accept late entries until the competition is full.

Late payment of fees may be subject to an additional administration charge of $25.00.



The following divisions are available, subject to nominations being held for minimum team numbers:

  • Open 2-a-side
  • Open 4-a-side

Team grading (‘seeding’) is completed based on our knowledge of player skills, results from the first 2 rounds of competition and your feedback. Our priority is to match teams as evenly as possible in order to provide a challenging and enjoyable level of competition for everyone.


Individual Membership & Team Entry Fees


Competition Times

  • Eastern Standard Time: Start 1:00pm – Finish 5:00pm
  • Eastern Summer Time: Start 2:00pm – Finish 6:00pm

All teams will signed-in at the League Coordinators’ table 15 minutes prior to the start of games.



  • All teams will be seeded into ‘Pools’ of between 4-6 teams according to skill level
  • All Pools will play a round robin (‘Pool Play’) competition format each week and also umpire where nominated.
  • Pool Play format will usually comprise one set of volleyball against each other team in your Pool unless otherwise instructed by the League Coordinator
  • Sets will be scored under the rally point system up to 21 points.
  • Win by a minimum margin of 2 points or the first team to score 25 points. For larger Pools of 6 teams a set is completed at 17 points.
  • Win by a minimum of 2 points or the first to 21 points.
  • Finals will be played to determine the overall winner and minor places in the competition. All final sets will be played to 21 points. Win by a minimum of 2 points or the first to 25 points.


  • Each player shall at all times compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship
  • Registrations will only be deemed valid upon receipt of a completed & signed Membership Application Form and payment of Membership Fee to NBVA.
  • All teams must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of games.
  • Player substitutes must be NBVA members and approved by the League Coordinator.
  • Casual Membership can be arranged with the League Coordinator.

Warm up

  • Warm up should take place OFF the match court.  Teams will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes spiking/serving warm up on their court.
  • The only exception will be if a team has been umpiring immediately prior to their game, in which case a 10-minute warm up will be allowed on court.

Wet Weather

  • In cases of inclement weather a decision to start play will be made by NBVA no later than 11:30am (EST) or 12:30pm (Eastern Summer Time) on the day of scheduled play & communicated via sms.
  • Players should also check the website for updates regarding status of scheduled games on the day.
  • In the event of cancellation, NBVA will attempt to reschedule at another time, subject to availability of the courts.
  • A minimum of 1 week’s notice will be given in respect of rescheduled games.

NBVA Player Responsibility

  1. The NBVA is responsible for running the League according to the draw and to the best of our ability using the resources available.
  2. Players are advised to regularly check the website calendar for dates of League rounds and wet weather make up days.
  3. Players are required to assist in the setting up of lines and packing up of equipment.
  4. Players are required to email or sms the League Coordinator at least 24hrs prior to an event if a team or individual is not available to play.
  5. Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of play.
  6. Please monitor your court/draw.
  7. Please warm up off court before your match time so you are ready to start as soon as the previous match finishes.
  8. Players are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the NBVA mailing list to assist with communication of NBVA news.
  9. Please give us your constructive feedback as to how we can make the league even better.