Social Event Registered Teams

King of the Court

Date: 2021-01-23

ME - Max Teams - 50
1 Mario Lopez Marco Cavaliere
2 Jesse van de Sande Peter Horniak
3 Cain Richards Glendon Jackson Evarts
4 Andrew AlexanderNP Ayman ChalakNP
5 Ricardo SarnoskyNP Justin KernNP
MF - Max Teams - 50
1 Emmanuel Mastio Aramis Mastio
2 Eduardo Picado Alasdair Russell
3 Marc Hutchinson Marcello Marchesini
4 Tim Schubiger Andrew Stiel
5 Richard Verheyen Grant Brits
6 Mido Saad Julius Chen
7 Hudson ClarkNP Killian DonovanNP
WE - Max Teams - 50
1 Daria di FilippoNP Anani McMahonNP
WF - Max Teams - 50
1 Renee TiamzonNP Iris BienertNP
2 Ellisa BennettNP Kate BurkeNP
NP Not Paid


You and your team will have received an email with details of your registration and a link to the Entry Fee Payment. If you have not received an email please check your JUNK folder.

Alternatively you can pay by following this link this link and entering your name exactly as it appears in the registered teams table above.