Junior Beach League - Term 4 2020

Our 4th Edition of the Junior Beach League (JBL) will begin on Tuesday the 10th of November. For the second time, we will be endeavouring to include the Division 2 competition, we really hope to get this off the ground. We have so many beginners joining the program, we would love to see them experience a competition format, and learning more about playing the game! Division 1 is a great option for our juniors that are looking to compete in the state and national junior tournaments, and who may be unable to enter the senior competition ranks. A perfect opportunity to refine your game craft on a weekly basis!

What does it include?

All players will receive a playing singlet, to be worn during games. Final competition format will be dependent upon final registration numbers, however all teams will play two games per evening, and duty 1 game. This term we are excited to include senior playing points, in addition to our regular prize packs – entry to a senior NBVA event for the Div 1 winners!!

Who can play?

The Term 4 JBL aims to cater for players of all skill levels. Our Division 2 program allows for teams of up to 4 players (on court), and 1 substitute player. We have also allowed the inclusion of an ‘over-age’ player that can act as the team leader/mentor/coach, to help the group compete. Division 1 is directed at juniors who can, and have, competently played 2-a-side beach volleyball on a full size beach volleyball court

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us; juniors@nbva.org.au