NBVA Champs / NSW Beach Volleyball Tour (Round 12) Seeding List

The NBVA Champs / NSW Beach Volleyball Tour (Round 12) scheduled on Saturday 17 April and Sunday 18 April 2021 at Manly Beach Seeding List is now available at the links below:

AAA / AA / A Seeding – Saturday 17 April 2021

BBB / BB / B Seeding – Sunday 18 April 2021

Note: With the over subscription of wait listed teams we will also run a Overflow B Tournament scheduled on Saturday 24 April 2021 and these players will be contacted early next week with further details.

All teams should also be prepared if they get bumped up to a higher division due to any late withdraws. Substitution of players will not be permitted unless extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of NBVA.


7:00am:  Set-up crew
7:30am – 7:45am Sign in opens. All players must be checked in by 7.45am.
7:45am – Player meeting
8:00am – First matches start on all courts

As always be sure to be on time to guarantee entry.

Further information can be viewed on our NBVA webpage HERE


AAA, AA and A divisions will have 8 teams each and play Modified Pool Play format.
BBB, BB and B divisions will have 8 teams each and play Modified Pool Play format.

NBVA Terms and Conditions of Sale can be found by clicking the link.


For all NBVA / NSW Beach Volleyball Tour Tournaments there are uniform requirements:

  • AAA / AA divisions: matching uniform are mandatory.
  • A / BBB / BB / B divisions: matching uniforms are optional, however strongly recommended.
Matching uniforms are defined as:
  • Men’s: Matching NBVA / VNSW 2020/21 Sportility Singlets*
  • Women’s: Matching NBVA / VNSW 2020/21 Budgy Smuggler Tops or Matching NBVA / VNSW 2020/21 Sportility Singlets*
For AAA / AA divisions mandatory requirements:
  • If requirements are not met, match will be forfeited 2-0 (21-0, 21-0)
  • Players may use matching NBVA 2019/20 Season Sportility Singlets or Budgy Smuggler Tops as a back-up or second uniform
  • In the scenario of environmental conditions or injury, Players are permitted to wear compression or other garments underneath their uniform
  • Any exceptions are at the discretion of the NBVA Tournament Director
LINKS TO DRAW – click hyperlinks below from Friday 16 April 2021:
  • Saturday 17 April : Men’s AAA / Men’s AA / Men’s A / Women’s AAA / Women’s AA / Women’s A
  • Sunday 18 April : Men’s BBB / Men’s BB / Men’s B / Women’s BBB / Women’s BB / Women’s B
  • Saturday 24 April: Qualification B Men’s
  • Saturday 24 April: Qualification B Women’s
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All players are scheduled to help with the Tournament set-up and pack down for either AAA/AA/A Division on Saturday 17 April or BBB/BB/B Division on Sunday 18 April 2021.

Please check to see where you have been allocated to help with below. If you are unable to make it please arrange to swap with someone on the list directly.

Note: Set-up crew please arrive at the Manly Beach Volleyball Courts by 7am.
The pack down crew are all required to stay to the end of the tournament to help pack down the equipment.  Please see the Tournament Director before leaving the beach.

We appreciate your help and with everyone helping to share the workload.

AAA/AA/A – Setup & Pack down Crew – Saturday 17 April 2021

Court set-up Player 1 Player 2 Player 1 Player 2
Court 3 & 4 Sam Halley Bart Bolsterlee Mark Nicolaidis
Court 3 & 4 Marc Carroll Izac Carracher Georgios Fountotos Francesco Riginelli
Court 5 & 6 Alexander Gibbons Matt Collits Roman Arkaev Peter Fountotos
Court 5 & 6 Eliza Crook Chantal Tung Sarah Richter Lucia Michalovicova
Portable 1 (Female) past pipe Genevieve Rochon Ludimila Brunorio Michaela Mokrohajska Alice Rohkamper
Portable 1 (Female) past pipe Stefanie Fejes Jesse Mann Yulia Tkachenko Michelle Kopecka
Portable 2 (Female) past pipe Nicolette Brice Sarah Nolet Tomas Andersen Jeff Dunham
Portable 2 (Female) past pipe Liz Green Makayla Teichroeb Matthew Pallot Brendan Yao
Court 1 & 2 Nicole Tung Michaela Levy Marten Christiansson Woody Raasveldt
Court 1 & 2 Johana Martinkova Anna Hincmann Sivan Atad Peter Trebula
Whistles / Rubbish bags Saskia de Haan Amy le Blang Jesse van de Sande Peter Horniak
Whistles / Rubbish bags Daria di Filippo Sandrine Zawadzki Gregor Salvin Janno Jelistratov
Portable 3 (Male) past Court 8 Ayman Chalak Lorenzo Tocco Marie Nguyen Wan Yu Chen
Portable 3 (Male) past Court 8 Aleksander Strasek Bryce Marquardt Kelly McLeod Bibi Meier
Portable 4 (Male) past Court 8 Lachlan Cogan Nate Barke Petra Mendlikova Anna Dahmen
Portable 4 (Male) past Court 8 Andrew Alexander Massimiliano Gubbiotti Eva Feenstra Marielle Bouwman
Scoreboards for all courts Elsie Wang Anja Gudbrandsen Craig Carracher Carl Graham
Scoreboards for all courts Brigitte Vanderham Monica Jones-McFee Max Kowald Tiago Alves
Barriers Katerina Spickova Nikki Nguyen Harley Sinclair Benjamin Schickinger
Barriers Karla Fiserova Alejandra Levy Jett Rocker-Graham Kevin Yu
Barriers Anneke Botica Laura Enixon Casper Baadsboel Tommy Yap
Barriers Sophie Smit Secil Yuksel Robertas Klimasauskas Dion Ofa
Barriers Emilie Groleau Vladislava Puseljic Grant Brits Aaron Wilkinson
Barriers Barbora Sklenarova Jessica Jiang Liam McMillan Fellipe Ramos
Julian de Luna

BBB/BB/B – Setup & Pack down Crew – Sunday 18 April 2021

Court set-up Player 1 Player 2 Player 1 Player 2
Portable 1 (Female) past pipe Lucy Holloway Rosalind Skinner Anna Birke Emily Heintzelman
Portable 1 (Female) past pipe Adria Figueira Dias Juliana Proserpio Ellisa Bennett Aliaksandra Valodzina
Portable 2 (Female) past pipe Emily Bywaters Kaiti Haviland Sandra Gaechter Yuna Singh
Portable 2 (Female) past pipe Petra Kennis Cecille Cura Hailey Davidson Bianca Christina Alba
Portable 2 (Female) past pipe Nicola Heffer Oksana Gladchenko Chelsea Walsh Peggy Vosloo
Whistles / Rubbish bags Jacqueline Chachaty Megan Roberts Katja Danielsson Hannah Ellerkamp
Whistles / Rubbish bags Irina Lastukhina Natasha Cebalo Megan Capriccio Kayci Scaggs
Portable 3 (Male) past Court 8 Ronald Macatbag Ignacio Carreon Carrasco Camila Moro Diana Sanchez Espinoza
Portable 3 (Male) past Court 8 Adriano Bittencourt Vieira Marc Kennis Constance Ha Anna Buckley
Portable 4 (Male) past Court 8 Paul Peters Denis Gertcog Victoria Thompson Marieke Veltmaat
Portable 4 (Male) past Court 8 Eduardo Picado Alasdair Russell Renee Tiamzon Lauren Hills
Scoreboards for all courts Orlando Fett Murillo Fernander Cutolo Mila Moutinho Mouhinho Iris Bienert
Scoreboards for all courts Felix Birke Hudson Clark Michael Langford Ryan Caudle
Barriers Jacob Falco Riccardo Girardi Falcone Andre Kluge Julien Phipps
Barriers Marco Tebaldi Mario Lopez Wilson Silva Rene Mrva
Barriers Marco Cavaliere Alastair Gourlay Aidan Morrison Guennolé de Trogoff
Barriers Federico Capelli Scott Poynter Alexandre Cayuela Jimenez Mido Saad
Barriers Juan Diaz-Cuevas Dejan Savic Allen Amos-Binks Pedro de Paula
Barriers Laura Jones Kaitlyn Cook Adax Brienen Alex Lawson
Barriers Thais Gill Yanlin Elaine Tay Andrew Stiel Tim Schubiger
Ciaran Mulkeen Phil White
Adam Fejes Killian Donovan
Dmitrii Sorin Daniel Gomelsky
Jean Gregoire Fabrice Calatayud
Michal Wojcik Babak Bolourchi
Agnieszka Moskal Angela Lopez
Cris Nunes Daniela Arantes
Claire Trojkovic Solange Ibacache
NBVA Qualification B Tournament is scheduled the following week on Saturday 24 April 2021

Further information will be emailed and posted on our website by Wednesday, 21 April 2021 or via the Facebook event page here

Teams waitlisted/not paid will be contacted and advised if they can compete in the Qualification B Tournament by Tuesday 20 April 2021.

Important times for NBVA Qualification B Tournament

7:00am:  Set-up crew
7:30am – 7:45am Sign in opens. All players must be checked in by 7.45am.
7:45am – Player meeting
8:00am – First matches start on all courts

If there are any teams that can no longer play on the day scheduled please email info@nbva.org.au by Thursday 22 April to withdraw and a refund will be processed. Any requests after this date may not receive a refund.
For further updates please check out our Facebook Event for NBVA Championships / NSW Beach Volleyball Tour (Round 12 ) HERE