The NBVA #5 Tournament will go ahead this Saturday 15 February 2020 but only for the AAA/AA Division (top 16 men’s and women’s teams).

Unfortunately due to the storms over the weekend this has washed away half of our beach which we are now unable to put portables up besides our permanent courts to run a full event.

We will only have 6 courts to run the tournament this Saturday therefore the NBVA Committee has made the decision to run the top two divisions only.

The A division will not be scheduled to play and will receive a refund by the end of the week.

We appreciate your understanding and have made our best efforts to reschedule this cancelled event from last weekend and still give the top teams an opportunity to play before the NSW Open next weekend at Manly Beach.

If there are any teams in the AAA/AA that can no longer play please let us know as soon as possible so we can make adjustments to the seeding/draw.

View the Registered Team list HERE.

The final seeding list will be published online by Friday 14 March 2020.

Thank you.