NBVA AAA Division Information

With the announcement of our 2019-20 major sponsor this year (Petzyo, Budgy Smuggler, Beachfox, Meridian and Havana Beach) teams who compete in the AAA Division must compete in matching uniforms.

The men and women athletes’ uniforms will be provided by NBVA to purchase at $25 each this Saturday 5th October (CASH ONLY) and during player check-in 7.30am – 7:45am.

The official men’s uniform for the AAA Division tournament consists of:

  • Matching NBVA Singlet Top – purchased via NBVA @ $25 each
  • Matching own shorts
  • Bare chests are NOT permitted


The official women’s uniform for the AAA Division tournament consists of:

  • Matching NBVA Bikini Top – purchased via NBVA @ $25 each or
  • Matching NBVA Singlet – purchased via NBVA @ $25 each
  • Matching own bikini bottoms, shorts or tights

  • In addition to the women’s requiring matching bikini bottoms NBVA will be selling Budgy Smuggler NBVA bottoms @ $25 each available for purchase this Saturday 5th Oct (limited sizes available)

Athletes on the same team must wear identical uniforms (style, fabric and colour).

Athletes must not alter the NBVA uniforms in any way or cover the sponsor’s logo, and no other third party name, logo, corporate design may appear on any clothing.

In the instance of extreme (cold or heat), compression or other garments (Long sleeve top, long pants, half sleeve top etc) may be worn by the team after approval by the Tournament Director.

Caps and visors, arm and wrist bands and sand socks are not considered part of the official team uniform and may be different within the team.

Prize money for AAA Division will be awarded as:
1st Place – $150 per team
2nd Place – $75 per team
For AA/A and BBB/BB/B Division matching uniforms is not compulsory but we highly recommend you try to help aid in making our NBVA competitions more professional and part of developing the sport of Beach Volleyball.

Prizes will be award to the 1st and 2nd Place teams.

NBVA uniforms will be available for purchase for everyone from this Saturday 5 October 2019, however those competing in AAA Division will have first preference on purchasing their top as it is mandatory to wear.  Please visit the registration desk between 7.30am-7.45am to purchase your uniform.

Please refer to the new Tournament Information and Tournament Calendar on our NBVA webpage for further information and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.