2019-2020 Season New Tournament Structure

This summer the NBVA is excited to introduce some Tournament changes to enhance both the tournament access and experience of our members.

These changes are brought about specifically due to the number of teams that were not able to participate in tournaments during the 2018/19 season due to space and time limitations, and secondly extending the 8 Team division format which proved a success in AAA and AA which sees both more evenly matched games and secondly see more opportunity for teams to progress into the next division based on winning the prior event. The committee believe that these changes will cater to and provide a positive impact to the majority of members.

NBVA Tournaments will now consist of up to 6 x 8 Team Divisions per gender.

  • Teams 1-24 (AAA / AA / A divisions) will play an 8 Team Modified Pool Play format
  • Teams 25-48 (BBB / BB / B divisions) will play an 8 Team Pool Play format
  • Winners of each division promoted to the next division for the next Tournament.

As a part of developing the sport of Beach Volleyball and showcasing the NBVA Elite AAA level the NBVA in partnership with Major Sponsors will introduce aspects to AAA Tournaments including:

  • Uniforms for all matches
  • Prize Money for winning teams
  • Continued Centre Court Infrastructure

NBVA would like to welcome Petzyo, Budgy Smuggler and Beach Fox Manly as our latest major sponsors for 2019 along with our returning sponsors Havana Beach, Meridian Australia and True Protein.

Please refer to the new Tournament information at: https://nbva.org.au/tournaments/ and Tournament Calendar at: https://nbva.org.au/calendar-tournament/

The first tournament of the season will be scheduled on 5 – 6th October 2019 for NBVA #1.