NBVA AA/A Winter Mixed Tournament Results

The NBVA Winter AA/A Mixed Tournament was held on Saturday 20 July 2019 with 10 AA Division and 12 A division teams competing for the 2019 Winter Mixed title.

Congratulations to our winners:

AA DIVISION MEN’S (10 teams)

1st: Mateusz Zieba & Agata Kurczynska
2nd: Marc Schoppmann & Lisa-Marie Moegle
3rd=: Abubarr Kamara & Anna Dahmen
3rd=: Nate Barke & Saskia de Haan
5th=: Alo Gibbons & Nicole Tung
5th=: Matt Collits & Talia Courouzous
5th=: Blake Bentley & Yulia Tkachenko
5th=: Kane Booker & Nicolette Brice
9th: Chris Twine & Liz Green
10th: David Shepherd & Sarah Nolet




1st: Kiefer Sinclair & Stefanie Fejes
2nd: Ayman Chalak & Eva Feenstra
3rd=: Fraser Garett & Jesse Mann
3rd=: Igor Neumann & Rachael Dodwell
5th=: Zack Plant & Katerina Spickova
5th=: Ryan Caudle & Yuna Singh
5th=: Christian Stadler & Melissa Foo
5th=: Stuart MacKay & Monique St Pierre
9th: Babak Boulourchi & Adria
10th: Julien Phipps & Angela Lopez
11th: Phil White & Anneke Botica
12th: Ray Muirhead & Wendy Liu


Our summer NBVA Tournament & League season will commence from September 2019 and the draft calendar will be published by late August.