NBVA Ice Break Mixed Results

A NBVA Ice Breaker Mixed Tournament co-hosted with Beachvolleyball.com.au was held on Saturday 29 June 2019 with sunny 20 degrees weather and 24 team’s competing over two divisions on Manly Beach.

In Division 1, eighteen teams got to battle it out in pool play to try and advance a place into the  quarter-finals.  All teams got a chance to play at least 4 different teams and were tested by the windy conditions late afternoon.  In the semi-finals Ayman Chalak and Eva Feenstra bet Clara Rigotti and James Baird 21-17 and in the second semi-final Marco Tebaldi and Petra Kennis swept past Juliana Proserpio and Babak Bolourchi 21-15.  Number #1 seeds Ayman Chalak and Eva Feenstra took out the grand final 21-13 and 21-16 against Marco Tebaldi and Petra Kennis.

In Division 2, six teams got to play best of 3 games which tested their fitness and skills all day!  We saw some close matches right to the finals.  Well done to Jacob Falco and Amelie Laperriere who won an exciting semi-final match against Richard Biswell and Monica Arias 21-18, 17-21 & 16-14 to make their first Finals.  They went onto another thrilling 3 set match in the grand final winning 21-19, 13-21 & 15-13.

Congratulations to our winners who received some amazing Tesalate Australia and Back2Form Osteopathy prizes:


1st: Ayman Chalak & Eva Feenstra
2nd: Marco Tebaldi & Petra Kennis
3rd=: Babak Bolourchi & Juliana Proserpio
James Baird & Clara Rigotti
5th=: Tom Wilde & Zoe Baker
Jimmy Kyle & Laura Evans
Medhi Soltanian & Natasha Cebalo
Ciaran Mulkeen & Rosalind Skinner
9th: Nicola Heffer & Rob Carrado
10th: Andrew Scott & Irina Lastukhina
11th: Eduardo Picado & Cris Nunes
12th: Alasdair Russell & Jayne Moore
13th: David Brady & Marina Martins
14th: Crismen Tache & Elena Olevanova
15th: Michael Borromeo & Bianca Christina Alba
16th: Ray Muirhead & Bahareh Poorahrab
17th: Gonzalo Mallo Diez & Hannah Ellerkamp
18th: Peter Harris & Amy Taylor-Verkerke

Finals: Ayman/Eva vs Marco/Petra (21-13 & 21-16)
Semi-final 1: Marco/Petra vs Babak/Juliana (21-15)
Semi-final 2: Ayman/Eva vs Clara/James (21-17)
Quarter-final 1: Babak/Juliana vs Rosalind/Ciaran (21-12)
Quarter-final 2: James/Clara vs Medhi/Natasha (21-19)
Quarter-final 3: Ayman/Eva vs Jimmy/Laura (21-19)
Quarter-final 4:  Marco/Petra vs Tom/Zoe (21-10)
9th-10th place: Rob/Nicola vs Andrew/Irina (15-12, 14-16 & 12-8)
11th-12th place: Eduardo/Cris vs Alasdair/Jayne (11-15, 15-10 & 13-11)
13th-14th place: David/Marina vs Elena/Crismen (15-9 & 15-13)
15th-16th place: Michael/Bianca vs Ray/Bahareh (13-15, 15-6 & 12-5)
17th-18th place: Peter/Amy vs Hannah/Gonzalo (21-15)

DIVISION 2 (6 teams)

1st: Jacob Falco & Amelie Laperriere
2nd: David Smith & Maria Santesteban
3rd=: Beatrice Page & Victoria Thompson
3rd=: Richard Biswell & Monica Arias
5th: Natalia Almeida & Kacy Pugn
6th: Alexandre Cayuela Jimenez & Sarah Wrighty

Finals: Jacob/Amelie vs Maria/David (21-19, 13-21 & 15-13)
Semi-final 1: Maria/David vs Beatrice/Victoria (21-8 & 21-13)
Semi-final 2: Jacob/Amelie vs Richard/Monica (21-18, 17-21 & 16-14)
5th-6th Playoff: Natalia/Kacy vs Alexandre/Sarah (18-15, 12-18 & 16-14)