NBVA #4 Seeding List & Qualifying Round

The NBVA #4 Men’s Seeding List (click link) and NBVA #4 Women’s Seeding List (click link) is now available for the NBVA #4 event this Saturday, 12 January 2019:


Qualifying Round teams in Men’s  Game 1 & 2 are to be at the NBVA box at 5:50am to meet Katja Imholz (Qualifying Director).  Qualifying teams are required to collect their scoresheet, lines, antenna and 1 ball for their court to set-up at 5:50am and play their match – start time 6:00am.  All other teams are to meet on the beach 15 minutes prior to their game start time.

Remaining 2 teams get 15th & 16th spot in division and to notify Tournament Director at check-in by 7:45am.

NBVA 4 Qualifying Round Men – click link (players please check email with information and draw)

6:00am (Game 1): Alex Nguyen/Aaron Wilkinson vs David Beliveau/Justin ST Pierre (Court 5)

6:00am (Game 2): Vahid Torabi/Ture Hedman vs Andrew Lubin/Nicola Francinetti (Court 6)

6:30am (Game 3): Colin Fabig/Joshua Soo vs Winner Game 1

6:30am (Game 4): Marc Kennis/Babak Bolourchi vs Winner Game 2

6:30am (Game 5): Denis Gertcog/Ameer Ali vs Julien Phipps, Sacha Schmitz

6:30am (Game 6): Jimmy Kyle/Jonny Hanratty vs James Baird/Marco Tebaldi

7:00am (Game 7): Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 5

7:00am (Game 8): Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 6

NBVA 4 Qualifying Round Women– click link (players please check email with information and draw)

Women’s teams to please meet at beach at 6:45am for a 7:00am start

7:00am (Game): Kristina Pavlovic/Emily Stanford vs Chiara Marconato/Giovana Brolese

7:00am (Game): Florencia Papais/Cecilia Balieiro vs Anneke Botica/Leonie Nagelmaeker


6:00am – 7:30am Qualifying Rounds

7:30am – 7:45am Sign in opens. All players must be checked in by 7.45am. If both players are not checked in their spot will go to the team next on the waitlist.

7:45am – Draws completed

8:00am – Player meeting

8:15am – First matches start on all courts

As always be sure to be on time to guarantee entry.


The seeding algorithm is calculated by:

The average of a players last 3 results from the last 7 NBVA tournaments.

If a player has played less than 3 tournaments his average will be derated by 10%

If a player does not have any results in the previous 7 NBVA tournaments, their previous seasons results will be taken into account and derated by 15% per season.

Your team seeding score is the average of both players points, the higher the number the better.

Further information on the seeding format is available at: https://nbva.org.au/player-ranking/


To determine your division please look at your seeding score below:


AAA Division: Seed 1-8

AA Division: Seed 9 – 16

A Division: Seed 17 – 30 (and Seed 31 – 32 determined from the Qualifying Round)


AAA Division: Seed 1-8

AA Division: Seed 9 – 16

A Division: Seed 17 – 30 (and Seed 31 – 32 determined from the Qualifying Round)

Players on the waitlist or who do not progress into the main draw from the qualifying round will receive a refund by next week.

If the tournament is oversubscribed members will have priority over non-members.

After trying out the new format we will stick to it for the remainder of the 2018-2019 season.


Further information can be viewed on our NBVA webage HERE


The following players are required to please arrive at 6:45am to assist with setting up the courts 1-8 and 4 portable courts:
Lisa-Marie Moegle
Katie Bartoli
Radim Mokrohajsky
Anna Hincmann
Lynus Wong
Semisi Lomu
Hannah Rokhamper
Tiina Carpenter
Peter Trebula
Ryan Coombs
Glendon Evarts
Chad Nelson
Frida Blomqvist
Rachael Dodwell
Natasha Geroldin.
Please refer to the attached image and arrive at 6:45AM to assist with the equipment from the NBVA box to the beach, then setting up the courts 1-8 + 4 portables.​