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Northern Beaches Volleyball Association Inc. (NBVA) was establishedNBVA Beach Volleyball in 1989 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to the enjoyment and development of beach volleyball.

The NBVA is based in Manly, the hub of Sydney's Northern Beaches and one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.

Our motto is simple,

'Run by the players, for the players'

This simple philosophy has allowed the club to grow over the last 19 years to become a widely recognized part of the Sydney landscape.

The NBVA is more than a beach volleyball club, it is a beach volleyball community. Players from all over the world, from beginners to Olympic medalists, come each summer to join the locals, play at their level and be part of the crew.

The NBVA is the home of Australian beach volleyball.  

NBVA is affiliated with State Volleyball NSW ('SVNSW') and the Australian Volleyball Federation ('AVF') and we currently have more than 400 members as well as visitors from all over the world.


Court Location

The club has 8 permanent courts on which we run beach volleyball competitions for all levels, from social to elite. Whenever there are no events on the courts they are available to the public on a winner-holds-court, challenge basis - check here here for the court usage guidelines. The NBVA courts are situated on Manly Beach, opposite the Manly Pacific Hotel.

These courts are fully owned and maintained by NBVA under arrangements with Manly Council and Manly SLC with whom we enjoy long and close relationships.

NBVA will always call Manly Beach 'home', however, it is also looking at establishing permanent beach volleyball courts at other venues along the Northern Beaches. With the support of its members and the Council, the NBVA hopes to be able to provide more facilities and bring beach volleyball to even more people.


Corporate Events

In addition to regular competition for our members, we can also assist your company with mobile court hire and structured Corporate Days on Manly Beach managed to your requirements at reasonable rates.
The money generated out of these Corporate Events is going to the NBVA Junior Fund and into getting/replacing equipment.


NBVA Committee Structure

The purpose of the NBVA committee is to manage the affairs and interests of the club. The committee comprises of six positions decided annually by a vote by its members.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Coaching and Development
  • VP Competitions
  • Marketing
  • Operations

NBVA - Committee / Volunteers / People involved

Here you find all the people that are involved in the Northern Beaches Volleyball Association. They all are volunteers who just love the sport, want to grow the sport and enjoy a good social environment at the beach. Thanks guys!



President - Woody Raasveldt 
  • Generate internal structure and coordinate VPs
  • Maintain external contacts
  • Position NBVA and generate growth strategy
  • Overlook political issues
  • Coordinate committee / keep track of ongoing tasks
  • Contact to Council, state Volleyball and other affiliate organisations
  • Spot opportunities of financial income for NBVA
Marketing  - Marc Carroll
  • General promotion and advertising for NBVA
  • Update or relaunch NBVA website and coordinate monthly newsletters
  • Allocate and approach sponsors
  • Coordinate corporate events on request


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Treasurer - Carl Graham
  • Develop budget for NBVA in cooperation with committee
  • Oversee income & expenditure
  • Monitor banking
  • Produce AGM financial reports


  • Founding Member of NBVA
  • Been on the committee since 1989
  • Taught my son how to spike before he can jump ;)
  • Life Member
Coaching and Development - Roger Jones
  • Develop structure for training and development
  • Manage the NBVA Junior Squad
  • Coordinate support activities of juniors, league or tourneys
  • Evaluate opportunities for junior development
  • Keep rules for tourneys and league in accordance with international standards
  • Coordinate Beach Volleyball coaching sessions when required
  • Coordinate regular referee coaching session when required
VP Competition - Stuart Davis & Katja Imholz
  • Coordinate weekly Social League
  • Coordinate monthly Tournaments
Secretary - Chantal Tung

  • Answer general inquires
  • Coordinate between NBVA and Beach Volleyball School
  • Role of public officer
Operations - Steve Peck
  • Maintenance of NBVA equipment
  • Oversee tournament setup and pack-ups
  • Coordinate tournament prices




Other involved 'associate members':

Player's Reps Francesco Riginelli
Mila Mountinho
Tournament Seeding Coordinator Wouter Raasveldt
Tournament Setup Crew Coordinator Chantal Tung
Newsletters & Website Updates Chantal Tung

People involved:

If you feel you should be mentioned in either of these sections please visit contact us and send us an email

Want to help?

If you would like to help out too please visit contact us and send us an email

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