Results from the 2017 Volleyfest - ABVT NSW OPEN

It was a great result for our NBVA members competing in the first stop of the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour NSW Open on Manly Beach from 17-19 November 2017.

Congratulations to all our players who battled against some tough International and interstate teams – final results below:

16 Teams in the Women’s Main Draw

4th Michaela Vorlova / Lucia Michalovicova
5th Katie Bartoli / (Christie Jenkins)
9th Chantal Tung / Irina Penkina?
9th Sabine Link / (Sabine Mills)?
9th Lisa Moegle / (Alexandra Friedrich)
13th  Iveta Kosova / Molly Smestad

16 Teams in the Men’s Main Draw

9th Aaron Crook / Bart Bolsterlee
9th Francesco Riginelli / Paul Bourne
13th Ondrej Hromadko / (Samuel Halley)
13th Gregor Salvin / (Artem Ipatyev)

24 Teams in the Division 2 Men’s draw

3rd (Bronze) Alexander Gibbons / Matthew Collits
5th Glenn Piper / Radim Mokrohaksky
5th Nicholas Major / Carl van der Heide
9th Zack Plant /  Nate Barke
9th Gareth Mann / (Bryce Poland)
17th Ciro Sirignano / (Robert Kluge)
19th Joshua Lawes / Duvan Vargas
19th Sebastian Boettcher / (Kai Martin)

9 Teams in the Division 2 Women’s draw

3rd (Bronze) Anani McMahon / Michelle Kopecka
5th Roberta Marchesini / Illaria Giovannetti
5th Claudia Marshall / Florence Azarian Ekaba Okoko
5th Marie Nguyen / (Wan Yu Chen)

*(Non NBVA member)

Good luck to those players playing in the FIVB World Tour event this week on Manly Beach!

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